Manjaro gets better and better with each release

Manjaro gets better and better with each release

Arch Linux is a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution which aims to simplicity and user-centrism, Manjaro Linux (some people pronounce it with letter “J” while others use letter “H” instead) is based on Arch Linux and carries forward the Arch Linux philosophy. However It’s a user friendly  that offers intuitive installation process, automatic hardware detection, stable rolling-release model, ability to install multiple kernels, special Bash scripts for managing graphics drivers and extensive desktop configurability.

Manjaro Linux is cutting egde but not bleeding edge. They have have their own repositories and access to Arch User repositories (Aur) as well.

It is a rolling release, that means you can install it once, you will continuously get updates (daily updates) no-matter what release you use, in contrast to standard release software which is upgraded between versions.

It comes with Xfce, Openbox,  Desktops as the core, however you can find Manjaro Minimal Net Edition (Arch way), and Manjaro Community Editions that gives you a choice between many other Desktops such as Gnome, Cinamon, E17, Lxde, Mate, Kde.

I have tried Manjaro Openbox edition and the Xfce Edition as well. All I have to say is, they did a magnificent job, I felt like I’m on Linux mint but using Arch package manager (Pacman). The installation was quite easy. I used Graphic installation but they provide also Cli installation which is fast.

I had not faced any problem yet, but I wasn’t doing match work on my computer.

Give it a try, Download Manjaro

Some screenshots of Manjaro With 4 different flavours

Manjaro openbox edition
Manjaro Openbox edition 

Manjaro xfce edition
Manjaro xfce edition
Manjaro Kde edition
Manjaro Kde edition
Manjaro Cinnamon edition
Manjaro Cinnamon edition


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