Pinguy OS rerview

Pinguy OS rerview

Pinguy OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution, which aims to be more easy and user-friendly for new comers to Linux, It comes with lot of enhancement features in order to target numerous beginners.

Once It is installed, out-of-the-box supports  multimedia codecs and browser plugins, and It comes with a good selection of common applications with tweaked Gnome user interface with enhanced menus, panels and dockbars.

Website :
Download :

Applications that Pinguy OS comes with :

– Gno-Menu :
Menu that appears on the top panel.
There are other extensions as well apart from Gno-Menu.

– TLP :
It is useful for the battery consumption which helps to prolong Its life.

– Zram-config :
To speed the system.

– Pipelight :
Allows direct broadcast services such as Netflix which needs Silverlight.

– Variety :
Simple app for autochanging wallpapers.

With a use of Pipelight and Wine, Firefox, the default browser comes with a windows flash. I guess that will solve most problem flash with Linux users.

– Nemo :
A complete fork of Nautilus.

– VLC, Skype, XBMC 13 alpha, Steam, LibreOffice

Review video  :

Screenshots :

Pinguy OS boot

Pinguy OS welcome screen

Pinguy OS desktop

Pinguy OS Menu

Pinguy OS docky settings

Pinguy OS firefox

Pinguy OS mozillla thunderbird

Pinguy OS Empathy

Pinguy OS skype

Pinguy OS clementine

Pinguy OS vlc

Pinguy OS hardware drivers

Pinguy OS install

Pinguy OS language and format

Pinguy OS apearence preferences

Pinguy OS Menu

Pinguy OS nemo

Pinguy OS synaptic

Pinguy OS control center

Pinguy OS update

Pinguy OS log out


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