Listening to music via terminal

Listening to music via terminal

We can listen to music in Terminal using Mplayer. For whom don’t know what Mplayer is, it is an open source software for multimedia which can play a wide variety of media formats, it is multi-platform which means, this application works in Linux, and other Unix-like systems, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X…

To listen to music in Terminal, you must have Mplayer installed on your machine. or install it by the following command.

For Ubuntu / Mint users :

sudo apt-get install mplayer

For Arch Linux users :

sudo pacman -S mplayer

Go to directory, you want to play music from, for me, it is “Music” :

cd Music

Then play, music you want :

mplayer loveme.mp3

If you to play all mp3 files on that directory :

mplayer *.mp3

If you want to play them all :

mplayer *

You can also play two pieces of music or more, depending on you :

mplayer loveme.mp3 && mplayer hateme.mp3

mplayer in terminal


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