Things you didn’t know about VLC

1 – Take a Snapshot :

While watching a video, in some cases, you’ll want take some pictures from it , you can do it using the application inside the VLC called “Snapshot“, just click on the “Video” menu located top and you will see the option “Take Snapshot

But, I think the easiest way to do it, is by pressing Shift + S

vlc take snapshots

By default the captured image will be saved in a folder called “vlc-snapshots“, to change the path, you need to go to this location “Tools > Preferences < videos” as the pictures shows.

change vlc-snapshots

2 – Opening the video from the time you want to start from :

You can do it from opening “Media> Open (advanced)” and it will appear a window , in that window make sure that the option “show more options” is activated and then you will see the option “start time“.

start time vlc

3 – convert media files :

To begin converting between formats, you need to go to this location “Media> Convert” and of course you need to put the file path and path after the conversion and also the format that you want to convert them to.

vlc convert medias

4 – Play video files in ASCII mode

You can do that by going to “Tools> Preferences” , or by clicking (ctrl + p) then choose ascii from the list

vlc ascii mode

5 – Recording the Desktop

I have a feeling that the majority don’t know that VLC can record the desktop.
To record your desktop using VLC, you need to go to this path “Media > streaming > capture device“.

Now change “capture mode” to “Desktop” and click “stream” to begin recording.

Do as you do when you play a media file, such as pausing, stopping …

vlc records the desktop
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