Download Ubuntu 14.04 wallpapers

Download Ubuntu 14.04 wallpapers

With the release of the beta version of Ubuntu 14.04, a set of backgrounds or wallpapers have come with it loaded by default, they are beautiful backgrounds indeed, if you do not want to use Ubuntu 14.04 for whatever reasons, but you like the backgrounds you can download them from here.

Some Wallpapers :

Backyard Mushrooms - Kurt Zitzelman
Beach - Renato Giordanelli
Berries - Tom Kijas
Forever Shady S
Foggy Forest-Jake Stewart
Ibanez Infinity - Jaco Kok
Jelly Fish-RaDu GaLaN
Mono Lake - Angela Henderson
Partitura - Vincijun
Reflections - Trenton Fox
Sea Fury - Ian Worrall
Water web - Tom Kijas
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