EagleGet is the best Internet Download Manager, but …

EagleGet is the best Internet Download Manager, but ...

Although the download manager applications in Linux meet the required purpose , but they still need some features that make them up to the ideal state and professionalism , as in the IDM and EagleGet.

EagleGet is a recent application with a better performance and look load, and was able to beat the IDM which was the best at its time, but by 2013, it turned upside down and EagleGet appeared on the scene.

EagleGet has a lot of advantages that make it an ideal and perfect application for Downloading files , to read a list of its features , click here.

So, what is required ? !

Quite simple, you have to register in the forum EagleGet through this link , after registering and activating the membership via your e -mail , visit the [ [ this Topic ] and type comment upon it, ” we want a copy of the application EagleGet on the Linux Os “. Use it in your own words ; and the greater the number of comments on the subject the greater the opportunity to create a version of the software for Linux.

I ask you to publish the subject, or Tell your friends to put a comment in the forum, until the developers are convinced to make a copy of the software for Linux .

Some Screenshots of EagleGet :

Downloading in EagleGet

eagleget configuration
EagleGet completed task
EagleGet task cleaner
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