Windows XP look and Linux save the old PCs

Windows XP look and Linux save the old PCs

The end of support for Windows XP is leading many to wonder what to do, and there are many people who would like to keep their computer and simply change the operating system. The advice in these case is often to install Linux , and to make the transition less traumatic than we think now. A new theme for Lubuntu : it’s called Lubuntu XP with Three Flavors that make this distribution almost identical to XP.

Lubuntu is an Ubuntu “light” , and therefore particularly suitable for computer now especially for those born with Windows XP. Like other versions of Linux , however , its appearance creates some concern to those accustomed to Windows for a lifetime.

Then why Lubuntu XP Three Flavors is interesting : the operating system is always Lubuntu of course, but those who came from the Windows Xp will feel at home straight away because it will regain color scheme , background, and even the menu icons.

An inexperienced computer user could easily swap Lubuntu for XP , and even those who know the differences might not notice the “exchange” passing quickly in front of a monitor. It would be worthwhile to do a test by installing “Lubuntu XP” to see if you notice the changes.

For the installation, it would be better to have someone expert, or at least not a complete fool . You have to download and install Lubuntu , first of all , and then add the theme Lubuntu+XP – there are others themes besides the one mentioned in this article. These things are not difficult to do, just do some search online and you will find what you look for .

A things done the old PC could find a new life and serve its owner for a long time , which would be good for your wallet , the environment and for the open source community – which would gain a few new users. All happy then , except perhaps Microsoft – which probably would prefer to sell a new license of Windows 8.

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