Cinnamon 2.2 is released

Cinnamon 2.2 is released

In last few days Cinnamon version 2.2 was released, bringing many of the various improvements , including system settings , and support for display screens HiDPI / Retina, in addition, many other changes are interesting ; a better interface for Linux (according to many Linux users ) .

In this version of Cinnamon, the user interface was improved with System setting, making it look more harmonious and consistent, and settings has been sorted better, making developers remove the option to switch between normal mode to display settings and advanced mode because the interface settings are becoming more favorable than ever before.

Improvements in public settings Cinnamon

1 . Hot Corners and HUD

– The HUD now no longer appear only when you drag a window close and very clear about the party or the angle desktop .
– As there has been improvement on hot corners .

Hot Corners and HUD

2 . Screensaver and power management

There is now a clear separation between the settings screen lock and power management settings .

Screensaver and power management

3 . Date and time

New options have been added , such as : Added “Use 24-hour pattern ” to the applet Calendar and clock desk and screen saver.

Date and time

4 . The regional settings and keyboard layouts

Has been removed entirely regional settings, but has been keeping the keyboard layouts and transferred to the input Keyboard settings within the existing system settings .

5 . Applets

 Another improvement is interesting is that each applet now capable of recording roles that tell the interface Cinnamon job required that allow for Cinnamon to control the hide icons applets in the system tray next to the clock ; For example : You removed the applet network of tape , small message will appear in Chinese system tells you , ” Do you want to re- applet to the tape ? ” And then the message will disappear after the passage of time .

6 . File browser

Nemo a file browser has received many different enhancements such as support for screens HiDPI, as well as add a folder recent sidebar which displays the latest files and folders that has had recently , and the ability to switch between tabs ( tabs ) by keys ctrl + (shift +) + tab, and add a button create a new folder to the toolbar, and reforms of the bug .

File browser

File browser

Other changes

– Support screens HiDPI / Retina ( requires GTK 3.10)
– Add option to uninstall the application from the menu Menu ( pressure affidavit mouse on “Uninstall”)
– Better support to prevent the screen saver from working while running the media player VLC
– Support for brightness control ( lighting laptop ) on some devices
– Better support for Xrandr cloning
– Better support to the Director of Access GDM ( especially when switching users )
– Better integration with GNOME (it will no longer see the ” control center Cinnamon ” on GNOME does not ” GNOME Control Center ” on Cinnamon , in case you installed the Usbandtin on your computer , any rather there is no conflict ) .
– Better support for systemd / logind
– You can now change the amount of transparency for the popups , or obfuscated , and that by moving the mouse wheel on the title bar of the window , ( This option is available in the System Settings> Windows)

system settings

– More improvements and other revisions to the errors and fixes to the performance.

* Cinnamon will be available by default on Linux Mint 17 distribution, when released, and will be available to install on other distributions soon.

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