Ubuntu 14.04 features

Ubuntu 14.04 features

After new version of the most famous free operating system in the world Ubuntu 14.04 was unveiled, there were some new features you should know about in order to use this operating system in its fullest.

But, what ‘s new ? !

Ubuntu 14.04 has come with many beautiful features. Lets take a quick tour in Ubuntu 14.04 highlighting the latest features and properties located on this version ; according to many beta users of this version of Ubuntu, it is impressive in performance, and appearance…

1 . New lock screen  integrated beautifully with the Unity interface

Unity 7 got a new lock screen of its own, and so instead of using Access Manager LightDM as a screen lock , which is integrated with a smart interface Unity.

ubuntu 14.04 lock screen

2 . Has been improved to support Retina screens

Improved to support Ritina screens in Ubuntu 14.04, like those in the MacBook, in addition, the improvements support screens in general.

3 . Has been improved to support Nvidia Optimus

The latest version of the package nvidia-prime is available for installation on Ubuntu 14.04 which allows the better identification of display cards devices and solve problems related to server X.Org, because users can easily switch between display card Intel and Nvidia using the package nvidia-prime.

4 . Enable TRIM system for SSD from Intel and Samsung

TRIM is that thing that allows the operating system to notifie the drive (SSD) to improve the performance and speed of the system by deleting unused files in order to solve the problem of slow computer ; If you want to read more about TRIM Click here .

5 . Restore local property listings

For as long as the menu bar and regulations in the past versions of Ubuntu is present in the upper band of the system, but now it has been re- property local listings which allow to show the menu bar withing the application and not separated from it :

local property listings

– To enable this feature , follow these images :

system settings

system settings

in the window's title bar

6 . Add property “Minimize on Click”

The feature of “Minimize on Click” was not included in any other version of Ubuntu except 14.04, It minimizes the application while clicking on it from the Unity Launcher, and in fact it is disabled by default , but you can activate it by following this pictures :

– First, install the compizconfig-settings-manager, then follow these images :

compizconfig settings manager

compizconfig settings manager

compizconfig settings manager

7 . The possibility to better Minimize Unity Launcher

The Canonical added more low measurements for Unity launcher, and now you can reduce the size of the launcher up to 16 pixels, which is the lowest possible supported size, giving you more space on the screen ( you can also do the Auto-hide option instead .)


8 . Removing borders or frames for windows for ambiance theme ( the default theme for Ubuntu )

Removing borders or frames

9 . Softer edges of the windows

Another change gives you a look sharper and smoother , especially in high-definition screens , has been soften and refine the boundaries of the windows so that they look better , see the following picture to understand the meaning :

Softer edges of the windows

10 . Filtering opened Windows by keyboard “Unity Spread”

If you do not know what is the Unity Spread, when pressing the keys (Super ” Windows logo button ” + letter W) you will have several windows open, and then you type.

The following video explains the meaning :

Now as soon as you write something and you’re inside the property spread it will bring the application closest to the letters written , for example, you have two applications are open one Firefox and other VLC, when you type “fire ….” without the need to complete the call , it shall promptly bring the program Firefox open , and so on …

Unity Spread

11 . Super + L keys has Been assigned to lock the screen

Canonical has set the shortcut Super + L to lock the screen by default; It is the preferred method for many users.

12 . Improve and enlarge the possibility of reducing the size of the windows , and alignment

View the following video to understand the meaning :

13 . In addition to the apps, extensions , and improvements in performance and appearance, and bug fixes , along with other benefits you can discover on your own.

ubuntu's apps

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