Indian state turns to Linux

The State of India which is called “Tamil Nadu” turned to Linux operating system, in the same time as Microsoft announced the end of life of Windows XP . The management of technology and information of the country proposed to make Linux as an alternative to Windows XP on all computers owned by it, One…


Top 5 alternatives for Ubuntu One

After the end of the life of Ubuntu One cloud storage service, many users of this service are looking for another alternative to it, and in this article we will present the best alternatives for 5 Ubuntu One : 1. OwnCloud It it free cloud platform, open source file storage and sync, a multi-platform (Windows, OS…


Windows XP look and Linux save the old PCs

The end of support for Windows XP is leading many to wonder what to do, and there are many people who would like to keep their computer and simply change the operating system. The advice in these case is often to install Linux , and to make the transition less traumatic than we think now.…


Download Elementary Os Luna Wallpapers

The Elementary OS wallpapers were unveiled and can be downloaded now. The package comes with 22 gorgeous wallpapers high resolution that can be used to give a new look to the desktop of your computer. Here are some of the wallpapers included in this package : Not all wallpapers are new: some (Cold Evening, Leaves,…

Advertisements will supporte Linux by Autumn

GOG company announced that a large number of classical games coming to Linux in autumn of this year . This company , which its abbreviation stands for ‘Good Old Games‘ and means ” The finest older games ” says that it will launch a range of game titles later this year , the GOG games  does…


Best 4 Antivirus softwares for Linux [ to remove Windows viruses ]

We all know that Linux is safe and does not need an antivirus at all because of its strong structure and the support of the community , but what if you have ( for example) a USB flash drive that carries viruses coming from windows machines , how can you remove these viruses so you…


Funny trick With Firefox

Here’s a simple trick to do with Firefox, It’s just for little fun. All you have to do, is to paste this Link to your Firefox address. chrome://browser/content/browser.xul Do it as much you like. Enjoy ! Advertisements